In an attempt to build up a library of “evergreen” articles (articles which can “stand the test of time” and that will be as useful a year from now as they are today) for my Examiner.com MMORPG column, I’ve updated my series of “Basic MMORPG Concept” articles.  I redid them attempting to utilize good SEO (search engine optimization) practices and keyword research.  Maybe I’ll post an entry here discussing any success I may have with that.

Index page to all the articles

Internet security & MMORPGs

Business models & MMORPGs

Genre & MMORPGs

Money & MMORPGs

Community & MMORPGs

Leveling & MMMORPGs


Today’s article roundup

Posted two new articles today for my MMORPG column at Examiner.com, and two articles about religion/freethought at HubPages.  Finally got my Google AdSense account approved and am excited to see how that will work out.

Win a Trip to BlizzCon Sweepstakes underway
Find out how to win two tickets + airfare and hotel room to BlizzCon, the annual convention for all things World of Warcraft/StarCraft/Diablo

Info on upcoming World of Warcraft patches
Cataclysm is getting closer… these patches will pave the way

Dogmatic Dangers
Why it’s not just cults that are dangerous

What is Freethought?
A definition